PSP 5 ; Level Busts !

In this episode we have a look at the latest flight safety news, in Topic of the Week we look at Level Buststcas and of course your feedback.







In the news ;

A quick look at my trip to the RIAT airshow,

MH17 crashes in eastern Ukraine, apparently shot down by a surface to air missile

Atlanta air traffic controller causes missed approach with poorly timed joke

London City Airport passenger sets of fire alarm in an attempt to board aircraft after arriving late

Crocodiles on a Plane !


In feedback ;

Effion has a question regarding stalling speeds.

Mark from the Flaps Podcast says hello.

Chistopher has a question about avoiding thunderstorms.

Ryan has a question about checklists.

Sal has some suggestions.

If you have any questions or thoughts please send them to the Squawkbox hotline

Thanks for listening,


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