PSP 14 ; Ain’t nothing but the news

Welcome to episode 14 of the Plane Safety Podcast – Safety from the flight deckdino. This is a shorter episode looking at just a handful of news stories from the past few weeks in aviation….so no Topic of the week or squawkbox and all that jazz. 


Aerotoxic syndrome story on the bbc news website; click here

Double runway incursion at Okinawa airport in Japan, including video click here

NTSB Safety Leaflet ‘See and be seen – your life depends on it’ click here

Air France B777 in EGPWS Pull up event near Douala, Cameroon click here and a picture of a typical egpws cockpit terrain display click here

Tourist trapped on dinosaur island after airline collapse click here


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Intro & outro music by Geoff Whitehorn

Thanks for listening, see you all again next time. Fly safe !


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