PSP 18 ; Density Altitude

Hello listenerdenim

Thank you for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast – Safety from the Flightdeck with Pilot Pip. I hope you enjoy this latest episode. Today we’re taking a look at Density Altitude in Topic of the Week. There’s lots of good squawks in Squawkbox as well as other aviation related banter.

Squawkbox :

Ryan Lloyd has a question on Flap Over-ride/EGPWS

Mirko Novakovic says hi from an ATO

Erica Siwo also says hi

Captain Al has some thoughts on the pilot life and sends a neat article on checklists which can be found here

Sjoert Bakker has some thoughts and questions on runway 36L at Amsterdam, VOR’s and missed approaches.

James Plumridge has a question on visual approaches at large airports

Jim Howard say howdy from Texas and has a question on TCAS.

Here and here are a few pictures of airborne weather radar returns so you have an idea of what I’m talking about towards the beginning of the show.


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Thanks for listening. Fly safe !


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