PSP 27 ; Time and Space

Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast withbttfcar Pilot Pip, an aviation podcast from a pilot at ‘Safejet’ airlines.

This episode has a bit of a ‘spacey’ feel to it.  We’re doing things a bit backwards ; we start with feedback in the Squawkbox, we have a Planetail of sorts and in Topic of the Week we take a look at Time.


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Squawkbox :

  • Capt Nick has some thoughts on LOC approaches and SOP.
  • Antoine tells us a little about his approach to finding a job.
  • Ben Todd tells about about his trip in a RV9
  • Jez has a question about autoland
  • Nevil Bounds has some audio feedback regarding passports.


Rowland White ; Into the Black can be found here (I can highly recommended this authors work)

Intro/outro music ; ‘Beef or Mutton’ by Geoff Whitehorn


  1. Great cast – throws me back to my days studying all that good stuff about general relativity, history of time, orbits etc!

  2. That was a great episode Pip. Actually found the UTC time explanation enthralling.
    However….. the Delta dig at the end…. ????

    Keep it up fella, and a massive well done on your Marathon.

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