PSP 29 ; Nats, Brexit & The Millennium Falcon

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In this episode we’re taking a look at some of the possible impacts of Brexit on
the aviation industry, we talk to a long time first officer about his career, a look at the NATS programmes for pilot/air traffic controller cooperation and the Squawkbox



More information on NATS can be found here.



Oliver Di Mascio has some thoughts on various issues and recommends the books of MacArthur Job

Renato has some thoughts on fuel leaks Deck with Pilot Pip.

Nicolaus provides some information on the Allegiant Air evacuation discussed in episode 21. The short NTSB report is here

Luis has some questions on Gibraltar.

And finally Jacob in Australia has a question about license conversion and finding a job in the UK. The job website is a useful tool as is the CAA publication LASORS.

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