PSP 32 ; Odds and Sods

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In the this episode we have a news section, some feedback regarding the Germans Wings accident and much more.


In the news ;

London City airport closed due to protesters on the runway Link to airport map

Aircraft falls off aircraft carrier. Video here

Skies above Britain documentary


Squawk box

Barbara has some great feedback regarding psychiatric treatment and the German Wings accident. Please have a look at the following links ;


Capt Nick has some audio feedback with thoughts on medical confidentiality .

Sean Taylor has an audio clip example of poor radio technique

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Thanks for listening.

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  1. The links that Barbara posted are for organizations linked to the Church of Scientology which has an anti-psychiatry agenda. I don’t believe these to be valid responsible medical sources as to what may have caused the German Wings incident. Psychiatric drugs are used in the US very commonly. I understand there are side effects but I don’t believe they are the root cause for a significant number of actions taken by mentally ill people. Scientology is a dangerous cult in my opinion.

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