PSP 35 ; AED’s & Disruptive passengers

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In this episode I’m joined by two guest hosts ; Dr Steph from APG and my pal Capt Al.


First off we’re talking about AED’s (Automated External Difibrillators), how to use them and their function on aircraft.

The main topic of discussion for this episode is ‘Disruptive Passengers’. We look at why incidents involving disruptive passengers seems to be increasing, what are the causes and how we deal with them.

In the Squawkbox :

FSJoe has some questions on our experiences flying turboprops & some suggestions for future conversations

Adam from Heathrow ATC has some great info on MLS and GBAS.

Renato has some questions about flight time duty limitations.

Aaron says hi from Vermont and has some questions on my gliding progression.

Heath Gleason has a question regarding pilot commuting.


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