PSP 43 ; The Great American Eclipse

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In this episode we are joined by regular guest Captain Al. We talk about A-CDM, the finer aspects of aviation sunglasses, Air Canada at SFO, feedback and much more. We also have a special segment dedicated to next months total solar eclipse in the USA.





Feedback and links

Total solar eclipse interactive map

Free Stellarium software

Eclipse Mega Movie project

Ruben has a question on EASA CS-23 performance. The source document is here.

I will publish soon a link to a donations page for my upcoming London Marathon Walk. The event can be found here. London Marathon Walk 2017. Raising funds for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance service.

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  1. Hi Pip, Cristian here, a B-777 captain enjoying the view from the FL’s around the globe. I have just finished to listen your episode (PSP 43) and enjoyed it a lot as always. Congratulations and keep up that great work on the podcast. I wanted to comment on ruben’s question about performance on PART 23 based airplanes, and although I do not consider myself an expert by any means, I think that as pilots we are not bound by part 23 or 25 as those deal with certification requirements; however we are bound by either part 91, 121 or 135 which dictates the set of routes that we have to follow when operating under any of those parts. So if we are operating under 121 or 135 then we have to comply with performance takeoff limitations as written under those parts, however if operating under part 91, those limitations does not exists. So legally while flying under part 91 we don’t have to comply, however it makes sense to comply with those anyway as they are there for our own safety, you know to have a safety margin. I hope it makes sense. Thanks again and best regards:

  2. Great podcast as always. For your flying in the US have you heard of openairplane? I’ve heard they have a bit more thorough initial checkout, but when you’re done, you can rent aircraft across the US at any affiliated aircraft rental place without having another checkout. I’m not affiliated with them – I am thinking of joining up myself. Cheers, from an expat.

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