PSP 45 ; Farewell to the Hawker

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In this episode we’re saying a fond farewell to the Hawker 800 and taking a trip down memory lane as I recount some stories from the last 8 years on this great aeroplane.





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  1. Very nicely done, Pip. I really enjoyed listening to your reminiscing. Good luck with the Phenom.


  2. It was nice hearing your stories form the Hawker. I was a f/a on a Hawker in the mid 80’s, and loved it very much. I recal my first day in the hanger when I started as a plane cleaner, being told in my first five minutes on the job to wax the entire underbelly of the plane, but if I was to get any wax on the leading edge, the plane would crash…I wanted to run home, but I am glad that I stayed! I loved my time on those planes. Hope your time here in the US at training and meeting with podcast friends goed well!

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