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In this episode we’re joined by regular co-host, Captain Al.






We catch up on our latest news as we change airlines and aircraft…. plenty to talk about. And we’re answering (belatedly !!) all your Squawkbox feedback questions, including discussions on rostering, drunk passengers, performance, RNAV and more.

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  1. Hey Pip. Love your podcast. I’m based just south of Bristol, not too far away from Cotswold, which you said is your local airfield. I would love to meet up at some point if you’re up for it. I recently went for an interview for an Austrian company that flies the Cessna Mustang, which is comparable in size to the Phenom 100. I prepared really thoroughly for the HR interview and even did 10h of extra sim practice since I really wanted the job. Unfortunately, when it came to the technical interview I panicked. I answered almost all the answers correctly and admitted when I didn’t know or was unsure of an answer. Ultimately I was turned down because my “technical knowledge was insufficient. The HR lady was really nice and said that although I answered correctly, I sounded so uncertain the pilots interviewing me assumed I was just guessing. Completely gutted. I never even got the chance to do the sim, where I feel like I would have excelled. She really liked me during the interview and encouraged me to apply again later. But I’m itching to fly again, I’m dreading not flying for another 6 months or more! I spoke to another interview specialist and she said she probably wouldn’t have hired me in those circumstances. However, every active airline pilot I’ve spoken to said that they thought it was really weird. My dream is to work for a company like Safet Jet (which I assume is NETJETS ?). Right now though, I’ll take anything. I worked as a flight instructor for a year in Scotland but then moved south to England for personal reasons. Those are now sorted out, but I’m not flying, and that makes me sad. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to go into the corporate world? And what’s your opinion on the reason they decided not to hire me? I’ll take brutal honesty over comforting but none constructive words.

    Thanks again for the amazing podcast. Love it!

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