PSP 47 ; ATC Overload ?

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with Pilot Pip. Joining us again for this episode is

regular co-host, Capt Al.

We are taking a look at accident that occurred at Huston Hobby airport involving a light aircraft and how interaction with ATC played a role in the event.

The ATC audio recording can be found here (WARNING, the end of the video has CCTV footage of the crash itself).

In the Squawkbox :

Ralph Walker has a question about passenger announcements

Richard Nash has questions regarding becoming a biz jet pilot. The Phenom 300 video we mention can be found here ‘A Signature Journey’

Jose Orozco says hi from Mexico

Tarik has some questions regarding a recent job interview. The book we mention can be found here ; ‘Ace the technical pilot interview’

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From Pip & Al, we wish you all a Safe and Merry Christmas.

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  1. Great show. Very relevant topic on being assertive with ATC and pre planning your options.
    Its brilliant in the USA to be able to fly into the larger airports, but i have been pushed into the “keep it low and tight request a few times.”
    Wont be accepting that in the future. Good points on requesting other safer options.

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