PSP 56 ; How we got here (Part 2)

Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip and Capt Al.

In this episode we continue to tell the story of our journey towards

becoming professional pilots.

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Special thanks to our Maine Man Micah for ‘the gravitas’.

See you next time and fly safe.

Pip & A

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  1. Great Podcast!

    Am in my late 40’s, currently working in a bank. Done PPL in the past. Listening to your podcast has inspired me to go flying again and maybe get a commercial license just for the fun of it. Don’t need to work in the bank anymore as I’m sorted financially. Time to do something fun! I fly over my bank too every month flying from Zurich to City… always thinking I should be up here a lot more than down there. keep those podcasts coming!

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