PSP 72 ; Lost over the Pacific

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This episode is a video podcast. Whilst you can listen to the audio only version, watching the Youtube video will add visual descriptions which aid the story.

We’re looking at the incredible tale of a Cessna 188 that got lost over the Pacific Ocean in 1978. An Air New Zealand DC-10 began a search for the small aircraft using back to basics stopwatch & compass navigation and looking at the sun and sky to figure out where to go. In this video podcast we’ll be examining the techniques used in locating the Cessna.

The video podcast can be viewed here.

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  1. This is a story I’ve been telling to audiences here in Australia for decades. I learned of this story first in a Readers Digest many years ago. I then saw a movie about this incident. The searching aircraft had mysteriously become an American one. But the actual facts of the story came to me when I received a long letter and documents from Captain Gordon Vette himself.

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