Pilot Pip

Hello. My name is Pip. Welcome to the Plane Safety Podcast – ‘safety from the flight deck’.FullSizeRender

What’s the show about ? Well, it’s all about the promotion and education of all things flight safety. As a pilot,  I’m always looking to learn and improve as a professional and so the show, as well as being a source of information for you the listener, is also a great way for me to become a better pilot and learn more about this job that I love.

In each episode we look at various news stories and events, focusing on aspects of aviation safety. We also have ‘Topic of the Week’ where we look in detail at a technical aspect of flying,  a past accident or sometimes an interview with another aviation professional.

I like the show to be as interactive as possible so I love to receive listener feedback, thoughts, questions and ideas in ‘Squawkbox’


About me ;

My passion for flying started as a young boy. I first started learning to fly gliders and light aircraft as a teenager with the Air Cadets. I gained my gliding wings at 17 years old and was passionately intent on becoming a pilot in the Royal Air Force. At university I successfully joined the RAF University Air Squadron flying the Bulldog basic trainer and embarked on the first stage of military flying training. However, upon graduating, life had other ideas and I ended up pursuing a career in the airlines. After gaining my Commercial Pilots License and Instrument rating, my first big breaks in commercial aviation were flying aerial survey and mapping aircraft across the UK and Europe ; a job I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a huge amount from. My next step up the ladder was flying a private Beech 1900D turboprop for a few years in support of AOG operations before joining ‘Safejet’ Airlines where I’ve been happily flying passengers around Europe and beyond for the last 8 years.

At 38 years old, I still have many things I’d like to achieve as a pilot and plenty of boxes to fill on my ‘flying bucket list’. I hope to be able to tell you about some of them in the future as I tick them off.

So, please enjoy the podcast and feel free to get involved.

Fly safe,